What is a Certification?

A certification is where a third-party organisation has confirmed through an independent assessment that OpenBet’s systems and products have demonstrated their conformity with a set of criteria to a certification body to be certified. This approach is essential to building confidence and trust in the services we provide.

Why Certify?

OpenBet continues to strive for a security-first approach in how it manages its operations and supports its customers. This dedication is shown through the certifications we achieve for our products and services. It structures our commitment to assess and reduce risks associated with cybersecurity threats.

Our Certifications

As a provider of sportsbook technology, content, and service, OpenBet holds several certifications which includes, security certifications, gaming, and lottery. Further information can be found below:

  • View our ISO27001 certificate here

This is an internationally recognised certification specification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It deals with the overall management of information security controls and how to implement them.

  • ISO 27017 certificate

This is another internationally recognised certification which focuses on information security best-practice framework for cloud service providers and our customers. It enables us to implement information security processes and procedures to ensure information stored in the cloud is safe and secure.

  • View our WLA-SCS:2020 Level 2 certification here

The World Lottery Association has certified that OpenBet aligns with its responsible gaming standards for lottery suppliers. This certification was assessed against our products, services, employees all our entities certified under the ISO27001 certification.

Who Certifies Us?

  • Intertek is the UKAS Accredited certification body for our ISO27001 and ISO27017 Certification

  • Risk Associates have certified our WLA-SCS:2020 Level 2 certification