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Player Protection in Brazil

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The opportunity in Brazil

As Brazil becomes one of the most significant markets to regulate betting in the world, it is blazing a path for player protection. Brazilian policymakers are establishing a modern regulatory framework that prioritizes player protection.

Rather than relying on static, limit-based approaches, the market can leverage technology that enables operators to implement dynamic, real-time solutions grounded in evidence and research. By integrating these advanced tools into Brazil’s responsible gambling strategy, the market can set a global standard.

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Compliance technology that ticks every box

Our one-stop shop analytical application means you can ensure regulatory compliance across Responsible Gaming, Geolocation, and AML - delivering another layer of security for you, and your players.

OpenBet’s Neccton boasts an impressive history of conducting the largest number of academic studies in Responsible Gaming and player tracking. With over 50 publications live, we believe in adopting a transparent approach that is trusted and referenced by regulators worldwide.

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