Geolocation in Brazil

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Establishing geolocation as a standard

Brazil is implementing a standard for geolocation compliance. Federal law and regulation now make geolocation a requirement for all license holders in Brazil. Provincial regulators are also developing frameworks to create clear market conditions and ensure compliance with relevant laws.

One of the technical ordinances mandates several measures to ensure players are physically located in Brazil when wagering, to ensure compliance, alignment across taxation policies, and to maintain integrity.

With a need for geolocation compliance to be highly accurate and efficient, the requirement is in place to ensure players have a seamless experience and operators are compliant with local law.

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What you need to know about the new regulation

All betting systems must employ geolocation to ensure bettors are in Brazil and are at a permitted location.


The betting system must also have methods to block unauthorized attempts to access the systems.


Checks on location must occur when bets are placed as well as during regular gameplay intervals.


Operators must employ fraud detection tools to ensure bettors can’t circumvent requirements.

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