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Keep fraud out

It’s all our responsibility – and legal obligation - to detect and resist fraud. To keep it off our lawn. We invest in human and artificial intelligence, to observe and expose anomalies and get ahead of fraud.

OpenBet’s real-time learning detects known fraud cases like bonus abuse or credit card chargebacks. Our real-time anomaly detection uncovers unusual fraud patterns and helps prevent financial damage.

Delivering the best in-class solution

Due Diligence
In built ticket management system mean tickets are created automatically or can be raised manually.
Tracking capabilities available per brand, country, and jurisdiction.
Anomaly Detection
Automatic Profiling
Allowing for a deeper understanding of AML profiles.
Advanced player analysis
KPI tracking of player behaviour over time.
Real-time Multi-account detection
Detection of new fraud events, in real-time

Detect and resist fraud. Real-time, every time.

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