Responsible governance practices at OpenBet enable management decision-making and shareholders’ interests to be aligned.

With strong executive leadership working in close partnership with OpenBet’s private equity investors Vitruvian Partners, OpenBet is governed in a structured, open and transparent manner ensuring balanced and considered decision-making in the management of the OpenBet business.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Vitruvian Partners oversees and supports OpenBet’s governance practices in consensus with OpenBet’s executive management.

Annual verification exercises are also undertaken by Vitruvian to ensure that OpenBet’s environmental, social and governance policies and practices are of an appropriate and high standard, and to ensure that awareness and management of governance risk areas within OpenBet, such as anti-bribery and corruption awareness, remain current and relevant.

Risk assessment takes place at the management level and decisions, policies and codes of conduct are communicated throughout the business to ensure that team managers and employees are aware of and comply with relevant legislation and regulations and that risk areas are effectively addressed.

OpenBet promotes the growth of socially responsible betting and gaming.
Ensuring gambling is fair and open and protecting children and vulnerable people.

As the leading software supplier to the gaming industry, OpenBet has a strict stance on regulatory compliance and only permits use of its software within fully regulated jurisdictions under relevant licensing conditions. OpenBet have an impeccable probity track record and work only with operators that supply legally compliant gambling services.

Licensed and certified as a gambling software supplier by the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom, and we ensure our software meets all regulatory technical standards. OpenBet also hold gambling software supplier licenses with British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB), Atlantic Lottery Corporation and Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC).

OpenBet strongly supports the principles, aims and values of the Responsible Gambling Trust and annually donates to the trust in support of the work they carry out, helping to prevent problem gambling and ensuring that effective treatment is made available to those affected.