The modern consumer has grown to expect a seamless, omni-channel experience in all aspects of their lives. The betting and gaming industry has begun to focus in earnest on delivering a true multi-channel experience. 
Recognising that the omni-channel concept offers players the best possible experience - and operators the greatest insight into their player behaviour to drive revenues - OpenBet’s product development is based on delivering the right product, at the right time for the right person.
OpenBet has always been built to offer players ‘one account’ and development on our open platform APIs has further built on this to deliver today’s omni-channel platform.

Omni-channel benefits:

  • Single customer account across all channels for ease of use
  • Full product set available on all channels to ensure optimum player experience
  • Full control of front-ends through our front-end independence APIs
  • Per-channel appropriate user experiences supported for maximum player engagement
  • A single back-end to manage the product across all channels and reduce administration overheads
  • A 360° view of player activity at both the Account and individual product levels
  • Support for omni-channel activity data being mined through external systems for player insights and to tailor services and offers to individuals or player segments.



Unify - the key to starting your Omni-channel journey.

Until now, the missing part of the Omni-channel solution was connecting your land-based premises with your online account. OpenBet’s Unify card answers this need by giving your customers a contactless payment card linked to an online account. For the first time you can start to really get to know your players in store and understand their behaviour across every channel to tailor your offer directly to them. Multi-channel customers have proven to be 38% more profitable than single channel customers — don’t miss out on this incremental revenue stream, 'Unify' your channels today!

And the power of Unify card doesn’t stop there… the open framework allows any device manufacturer to integrate their cabinets, tills and POS solutions so your entire land-based offering can become cashless and seamlessly interact with your central customer account.

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The customer account is the heart and soul of your gaming platform — for both you and your customers. The OpenBet Omni-channel account gives your customers seamless access to their account and funds regardless of the channel they’re using and regardless of the product or supplier. Built to manage the specialised requirements of a gaming account, the OpenBet Account can integrate with any gaming product and keep control of funding, session controls, payments, channel and product restrictions — across all channels, products and suppliers. And no Account would be complete without promotions, so we have those too! One Account for your customers’ ease of access and One Account for you for a 360-degree view of their activity.

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OpenBet’s Sportsbook is designed to be an Omni-channel solution at its core but with the convenience and power of a single system to manage and run. You hold a single book, with a combined view of risk, liability and customer activity. Activating a channel or filtering a report is as simple and quick as selecting a check box. With the OpenBet Sportsbook you can offer your customers any sport, live betting and novelty bets and know that it has the scale and reliability to handle it all.

A comprehensive set of APIs and an Omni-channel content management system puts the customer experience in your hands so you can tailor it to match your brand and your customers’ expectations exactly.

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The OpenBet Casino is the ultimate casino for the sports betting market. With the widest range of quality, leading content available in the market you can create a truly unique experience tailored to the needs of your players. As our name suggests, it is a truly open platform and with the OpenBet approach, you choose your own games from our portfolio and personalise your site to attract and retain your customers.

Using the latest HTML5 technology, the OpenBet Casino carries an increasing number of games that are available across all channels — there is no better way to encourage cross-channel play.

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Self-Serve Betting.

UBet uses the power of Unify and tablet computing to bring the OpenBet Sportsbook into your land-based premises. UBet seamlessly connects the multi-channel account through the Unify card with the multi-channel sportsbook and all the power and features that it offers — including the world’s most powerful live betting solution.

UBet is built on top of the OpenBet SiteBuilder content management system, which means that you are in control of the full customer experience. Using responsive design you can even extend UBet to customers’ personal devices in your premises.

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Self-Serve Gaming.

Gaming in today's land-based environment often consists of large, bulky and expensive cabinets that take up valuable floor space and need to be a destination in themselves. OpenBet’s UPlay uses the convenience and power of Unify to bring gaming on a tablet to anywhere in your premises: in the lounge, at the bar, in the queue for the cashier — the small footprint and low cost of tablet computing means they can go anywhere.

UPlay is built on OpenBet’s Casino and carries the same rich content set that you can offer on your web and mobile solutions. Through the SiteBuilder content management system you can control the user experience, tailoring it to your premises’ branding.

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Screen Content Management.

Gaming is all about entertainment and land-based gaming needs a compelling set of screens to bring the action and opportunities to your customers. OpenBet’s Promote system is a high-impact betting, gaming and marketing display solution that provides a dynamic canvas to deliver a truly engaging experience in sports bars, casinos, betting shops and lottery retail environments.
Capable of displaying live broadcasts from satellite, cable and terrestrial TV and seamlessly combining them with overlays of betting opportunities and other marketing campaigns, OpenBet Promote can drive a wide range of display equipment and sizes. With the right content, you can increase footfall and premise dwell-time and, ultimately, increase your consumer spend.

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